Kim Lee Learning has an Amazon store!

Welcome! Kim Lee Learning LLC has an Amazon store!

Are you looking for gift ideas?  Birthdays?  Christmas?  Hanukkah?  Other celebrations?  Please check out my Learning Store for great gift ideas for all ages!

Many times parents are asking me about ways to practice math at home. I think one of the best way to investigate and understand math concepts in a fun way is through games. Games teach number sense, logic, reasoning, spatial understanding, and many thinking strategies like focusing, connecting events, following multi-step directions, perseverance and having an “I CAN DO IT” attitude. Games also help develop working memory, and thought integration. There are also wonderful stories that have math connections and teach math skills in a fun way too.

My experience as a teacher of preschoolers – 8th grade and as a parent has helped me create an Amazon store that I hope you will find helpful. My children are ages 12 – 16 and we love to play games!  I just played Rack-O yesterday with my daughter! When we go on vacation, games are at the top of our packing list!


I put recommended ages next to the games, but some children are ready to play a game earlier and others love to keep playing certain games even when they are older than the suggested age. If children are too young to play a certain game by themselves, then they can join an older sibling or parent’s team and learn how to play the game in a fun way!
Please remember to access through my sidebar link on the right whenever you shop there and my product links will take you directly to Amazon.

Hope you enjoy your shopping at my Learning Store and thank you for visiting!  Feel free to share my store with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends!

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